Sunday, April 17, 2016


I suppose only time itself has the blessing of knowing if feelings are facts. My last blog post is back to haunt me, and I am unsure if it is my perspective or feelings that have changed. 
I never stopped thinking about him. A decision was made based on logic that it would end in tears. So I walked away with no regard to the wake my actions would cause. I didn't realize that he had actually fallen in love. Blinded by my rebound and typically selfish disposition I didn't see it. His awful behavior was a reaction to my cold turning away. 
A second chance? Curiosity of an unfinished story? A Gift? 
Have you ever been pulled toward something so hard that it defies logic, reason and every red light and warning?
At what point do you call it love? 
Literally every moment I am thinking about him. Seconds after I say goodbye I miss him.  

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